An old road sign I found and demonized

Abandoned lift in Lower Sydenham Industrial Estate

Drip  demons on the wall


Steve's bird

Demon foam cut out, in preparation for Brockley Street Art Festival 2015


Sketching the usual, but this time in Catford, South East London (my home town)


Paste ups in Shoreditch (Redchurch Street)

 Cones and Builders in Charing Cross next to the Post Office

 Paint drips and splatters in Brixton (Brixton Rail Station)

Demon Builders in Whitechapel High Street

Demons in Dean Street (Soho)

 Another collab with Filbert, this is one side of the hoarding by Blackfriars bridge

Here's the other side

 Demon Soldiers next to an unfinished bird (old town)

Wide shot of the bullfighter door with surrounding walls

First piece in the old town, bullfighter with the Spanish flag in the background on an abandoned four story flat

Unfinished piece, due to police being called by an upset local, this piece remains black and white

Wideshot of the wall, featuring street artist Malarki on the far left hand side (old town)

Bullfighter and Bull on another abandoned four story flat (old town)

Dragon scales

 Demon Builder balancing on a cone trying to reach the 'Wire Builder Mascot'

 The 'Wire Builder Mascot' hand made out of copper wire, shaped and molded to represent the 'Demon Builder'

Demon skeletons at Sandweiler (Luxembourg)

Close up of a flower (Rome)

Background to the demon nun street art piece

Close up

Completed piece

Demon nun on a street wall in San Lorenzo (Rome)

Demon Builder beside the shop shutter San Lorenzo

Demon Builder pissing

Demon Head road signs in Waterloo

 Guy De Macedo's art piece on a door of an abandoned building in Elder Street

 A member of the public stares at the artwork with curiosity in Redchurch Street (Shoreditch)

 Ottoschade sprays away at his smiley face, whilst the Demon Builders pull amongst it

 The smiley face also resembles the River Thames

Demon Buddha's standing acting suspicious on the roof wall of Hostel King Angkor in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Dragon and Cambodian flag

Disco ball with vibrant rays on the front outside wall of 1961 Art Gallery Cambodia (Siem Reap)

Viki's Venis Flytrap takes on the swinging Demon Buddha

Viki (visual artist) paints flowers next to the Demon Buddha

Dripping eyes and mouth of the Dragon

Demon Heads, soldiers and rainbows in a street wall in Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Demon Soldiers on abandoned shop hoarding (Cebu)
National flag of the Philippines painted on abandoned shop shutter (Cebu)

Demon Heads on an abandoned house in Philippines (Cebu)

The local Filipino people watch the Demon Soldier street art with curiosity and amazement (Cebu)

Demon Builders on a hoarding in a warehouse in Hackney Wick (East London)
Another Demon Head road sign

Demon Soldiers in Hackney road (East London), a collaboration with MKRD Art

Demon Soldiers been painted in a derelict location in Croatia (Split)

Character painted by Spanish street artist Escrif with demons surrounding it

Green Lantern with an owl painted in stencil (artist unknown) perched on his arm

Demon builders in the Strand (London)

Colourful painting inside a coffee shop in Hackney (London)

Demon builders take over Pizza Hut in Shaftesbury Avenue (London)

 Demon soldiers on building site at Charing Cross Road (London)

 Demon fireman at Shaftesbury Avenue (London)

'Stop the Looting' hand drawn and painted poster

'The Maxx' hand drawn and painted poster

'The War on Fast Food' hand drawn and painted poster

                    Demon builders Notting Hill (London) 

See No Evil Street Art Festival  Nelson Street (Bristol)

Demon heads on Citroen Saxo parked on Nelson Street (Bristol)

 Demon characters on a white van (Leefest)

Another artist spray painting a pirate at the back of the van

And another artist spray painting a dub

Decided to go old skool and spray a small dub myself linking it to my characters which surround it

Demon heads in pink and blue

Demon heads on black van parked by Brick Lane (London)

 Brick Lane (London) street art piece (unfinished)
Our Heroes

Completed piece

Brick Lane/Osbourne Street near Aldgate East  (London)
The Movement
(After Lives)

Porky Pig gone schizophrenic at Redchurch Street/ Brick Lane (London)

Vegetables at Borough Market on railway bridge by London Bridge

Demon builders in Old Kent Road (London)

Demon builders in the Strand/Waterloo (London)

Demon builders at Charing Cross Road (London)

Demons in acton in Soho (London)

Demon holding onto a rope

Demon falling down

Minnie Mouse on a cafe toilet door

Demon police officer

Demon soldier with flower

Demon squat poliiceman

Street art piece in Brick Lane (London)

Demon fireman

Demon builders at Brick Lane (London)

Immature demon builders pissing on each other

Demon soldiers with Barrack Obama (holding Hitler's head)

Hitler's head

Demons feasting on a pig policeman

Demons feasting on Ronald Mcdonald

Street art piece on shop shutter by Brick Lane (London)

Street art piece on old squat building by Old Street/City Road (London)

Demon builders at Bloomsbury Road /Tottenham Court Road (London)

Demon builders at Holborn (London)

Spongebob holding Patrick hostage

Nathan Bowen on a Cherry picker painting white the Borough Market railway bridge (London Bridge)
Nathan Bowen drawing using his traditional pernament black marker pens
Added colours using acrylic paint

Completed bridge

Still under progress (Central Saint Martins School of Art)

Degree show piece completed
Hell's Riot
(Central Saint Martins School of Art)

Savage demons in colour

Sadistic and twisted Mickey

Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald